Alerts are posted on the Alerts board based on channel settings chosen by the Investor. Alerts provide valuable information of changes or updates to client information (Scorecard, Enforcement Actions, NMLS, Affiliates, and Ownership, etc.)

For information on configuring which Alerts are received, click here.

Alert Board

The Alerts board can be viewed and managed for all alerts generated. This board is located by clicking the 'Clients' tab at the top of the screen and then "Alerts". 

Default view will show current alerts that have not been managed, "New" Status. Custom views can be created by using the filters at the top of the page. Column headers are sortable as well.

TIP: To use the 'Subtype' filter, the 'Type' filter must be selected first.

The 'Edit Status' option at the top right will allow the user to change the status of multiple alerts at the same time. 

Once an alert or alerts are selected, click the 'Proceed' button to continue and set the new status. 

If needed, the status can be reverted back to 'New' and or edited at any time.

For more information on how to review the full alert details of each alert, click HERE

Alerts per Client/Lender

Users can also view specific client alerts by clicking the Alerts sub-section in the 'Reviews' section of the Client Account.

  • This section is specifically for all alerts generated for the selected client
  • Search for name, type of alert, or NMLS ID (if looking for alerts for a specific location for example)
  • By clicking the name of the alert users will be presented with all the alert details

For more information on how to navigate the clients account, please click Here