1. You must be an Independent Appraiser or an AMC, to register with Comergence.


  1. On www.comergence.com, and click the 'Register Now' button under Valuation Professionals.



  1. If you are an Independent contractor or AMC, fill out the required information. You will create a password and a security PIN on this page. The security PIN is used to identify individual users when contacting Comergence Customer Support or using our Live Chat feature from the 'Help' site link. Also be sure to select the correct 'Entity' so that Comergence may identify you correctly. Click 'Next' to continue.....


  1. To the Payment and Identity Verification window. Fill out all the required information indicated by the red asterisk. Be sure to read and agree to our Terms of Use. If your subscription lapses or your credit card is declined, your account will be placed on hold and those you've applied to will be notified of your hold status.



  1. After clicking 'Create Account,' you will then create your profile. First, provide your Errors & Omissions Insurance information by clicking +Add New. When this is complete, click 'Next.'


  1. Our system will search the ASC database for licenses based the information provided. If it does not find any, you will need to enter your license manually. You must provide this information to continue. If your organization is exempt from licensing in a state, put the License Type as "Exempt" and the license number and expiration will not be required.



  1. The assignments page lists many common property types. If one is not listed, enter it in the other box. Click Next to continue.


  1. On the geography page, select the counties for your state(s) in which you are licensed or exempt for. Click 'Next' to continue.



  1. Contacts/Ownership section is next. If you are a private contractor, add yourself as an owner. All owners must log in and verify.


You are ready to use Comergence!

Please use our help pages if you have any questions or contact support through LiveChat once logged into Comergence.