Optimal Blue's Social Media App

Optimal Blue offers a Social Media Marketing app that is 100% FREE to properly licensed MLOs.

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Short Video Tutorial

Use the media controls at the bottom of the video window to pause, adjust volume, and/or view in full screen. 


How to Register - Step by Step

                      Step 1:   Open mobile app and select the 'Register for Social Media' link near the bottom, just under the 'Login' button:

Step 2:    Enter your personal email, username and password you wish to use, click next.

Please Take Note: The mobile is attended to go with you, no matter what company you work for. Be sure to use a personal email and not an employer company email domain.



Step 3:     Complete the Identity verification step. Make sure all of the information is correct BEFORE clicking 'Next'.

Tip: When using the calendar to enter "Date of Birth", press the default year and a scroll will appear. When adding phone, only enter the numbers. (No dashes, parentheses, or dots)


Step 4:     Enter the 'Authentication Code' sent via SMS (text) to confirm your mobile number.

Mobile Verification

You will then be prompted the screen below.

(Please note: An individual at your organization with the proper permissions to verify Loan Officers will be sent an email requesting verification with instructions - sample available HERE)

Once verified, mobile user will receive confirmation via SMS (text): "Great news! Your identity has been successfully verified. You may now log in to use the Optimal Blue Social Media Marketing mobile application"

After returning to the app, a login screen will appear. After logging in the app will keep the user logged in unless the app is uninstalled, the user logs out, etc.

After registration the next step is to connect all Social Media accounts to use for publishing and sharing! For information regarding connecting social media accounts, please click HERE.