If you are the contact that received the "Loan officer Verification request (Action Required)" email, log into Comergence.com. 

1) Contact the loan officer and verify they requested access to the Optimal Blue Social Media mobile app.
2) Go to www.comergence.com and log into your account
3) Navigate and click on "Account" at the top of your screen
4) Once on your Account, select "Contacts" located in your left menu
5) Once on your Contacts, refer to the Contact section, and search for your Loan Officer's name, or NMLS ID, then click on their name.
6) Once on Loan Officers contact record, you will see a message at the top of your screen.
7) Click the "Verify" button to confirm your loan officer's information is correct or select the "Reject" if the loan officer did not make the request.

After user is verified they will receive a verification code via text to the mobile number they were registering with.

For more information on why you are being requested to verify your Loan Officer, click HERE