Social Accounts

Connecting your social accounts allows you to publish content to all of today's most popular social networking channels in one place! 

Note: If the platform supports customer reviews the app will automatically pull these in as well!

For information on how to register, click HERE.

When accessing the 'Social Accounts' section for the first time, users are prompted with the below Social Account Wizard steps. This is a one-time step for setup and confirmation. 


Step 1: Select the networks you useStep 2: Connect all selectedStep 3: Review other web presence

Step 4: Confirm

Step 5: Setup now complete!

How to Connect Accounts - Short Video Tutorial

Use the media controls at the bottom of the video window to pause, adjust volume, and/or view in full screen. 

Connecting Accounts - Step by Step

Users can update their web presence and connected Social Accounts at any time. 

Login into the mobile app and then select 'Social Accounts' from main menu.

Step 1: Select the 'Social Accounts' option from the main screen. Tap the 'Connect' button to the right of any account type and log into the social network.

Please Note: Individuals should connect accounts that they own that belong to them ONLY. Connecting other individual's accounts or company accounts will affect service results.

Step 2: Follow all prompts to the end. 

A confirmation that the app is connected will display at the end of the prompts and the app will then default back to the social accounts screen. Please be aware, prompts for each social media platform will differ. 

TIP: Facebook Page(s) are needed to fully connect Facebook. A step will be prompted for users to select their mortgage business only pages allowing them to see and reply to customer reviews and publish content to those specific accounts.

Adding additional Social Media Accounts & Reconnecting accounts

If an account is not shown, click the '+' to add a link to the account that is not listed. The link will be added to your Social Accounts page. 

In addition, If you have an account that is already connected but need to update permissions you can select the '+' sign, select the account type, and re-enter the connection/permission prompts.

Please Note: If the individual has a Yelp account, add the link. Individuals will automatically be able to track their Yelp reviews from My Reviews.

After connecting all available accounts users can then publish to those accounts. Please see instructions for posting HERE.