Audit Messaging


Your company has the ability to message you regarding a Social Media Audit. Once a message is sent, the LO will see a red exclamation point when logging in. Clicking the arrow next to the exclamation point brings them to the audit in question. Clicking the arrow again, will show all correspondence about the specific audit. The LO can also respond to the message by entering a reply at the bottom of the message thread.


Social media auditors have the ability to send a task request from to the user's mobile app to communicate something that requires a correction.  These task requests will display from the 'Task' section as shown below. An email will also be sent, to view example click HERE. 

Details such as the observations, related issues, post, and account display within the task as well as any custom message/instructions. If the social media account is connected, the related posts pull into the task details. This helps provide a clear image of the post/issue in question.

When selecting an observation, the line will expand for more detail. 

There is a section near the bottom or the task details for communication. Auditors and account owners (MLOs) can respond and reply to each other here. An email will be generated to the auditor when the LO replies and vic, example HERE.

When user taps the account link (shown above) it takes them right into their social account where they can edit the post. Once the correction has been made, the task can be updated to "complete" by tapping on the 'Mark Completed' button. A confirmation will then show to proceed.


Once marked as completed will show as so: