Social Media Mobile- How to Manage Messages and Tasks


Social Media Compliance users have the ability to communicate with their Loan Officers regarding a Social Media Audit or Task that requires attention. This helps document and retain any back and forth communication as well as streamline the compliance process. 

Once a message is sent, the LO will receive an email, push notification, and see a red indicator upon logging in.

Sample Message Email: HERE.

Sample Task Email: HERE. 

Audit Messages

Step 1: Login into mobile app and then select 'Messages' from main menu


Step 2:     Click the arrow next to the audit to view the full message thread.

Step 3:     Mobile users can respond to the message by entering a reply at the bottom of the message thread.

Finding Tasks

Step 1:     Tap the 'Tasks' section as shown below. 


Step 2:     Click the arrow next to the open task to view all details

The related issue(s), a snapshot of the post, related account/site, and specific communication from the auditor is available within the task details. The snapshot of the post or web page will include red pins numbered to help highlight each issue (below). This helps provide a clear image of the post/issue in question. When selecting an observation, the line will expand for a more detailed description.

Step 3:     Review the details and respond accordingly.

At the bottom of the task details is a communication thread and reply box.

Step 4:     Mark the task 'Complete'

Once the correction has been made, the task can be updated to "complete" by tapping the 'Mark Completed' button. A confirmation will then show to proceed.


Tip: To access the related account from the task, tap the account from within the task details. This takes the user straight to the social account/page that may need correcting.