When reviewing an alert from the Clients drop down menu selection.

Click on the titled link to review the information. Users should be aware of the type, as it may pertain to a scorecard finding. For more information regarding Scorecard Information and Findings, click HERE. Note: If the finding is a scorecard type, be sure to return to the Alerts Board and update the Alert Status.

The next screen displays the Alert Details, the company name is linked to go to the client account for easy reference. 

Note: To the right the alert status can be updated. 

The 'View Record' button takes users to the record which the alert was generated for. Example below is an Ownership Added alert so 'View Record' would provide the Owner's current contact information. 

Events: Shows any parameters (fields) that were updated with details of "before" and "After". 

IDs: Client System Generated ID (SID).  For Investor's Internal Client ID (UID).

Channels: Lists the channels the client is associated to. Channel System Generated ID (SID). For Investor's Internal ID (UID)

History: Shows a historical record of changes to the alert. Includes, Date, Action made, and by whom.

Last section at the bottom of the alert details is space for  internal comments regarding the alert.

Note: Clients do not have view of the comments with in the section nor view of the alert section.