My Reviews

For Individuals/companies that are using rating services, and collecting/measuring customer reviews. This feature allows users to amplify using social proof by sharing and posting testimonials, reviews, etc. 

There are two ways reviews show up in the mobile app. An MLO or Company’s review vendor connects to our Review API. Please note, the Individual’s NMLS ID must be included in the review, for the review to populate in the app. Developers and technical contacts, please click HERE for more information on how to set this up! The other option is a user connects their 'My Business' Accounts. For example, Google My Business, reviews will populate in ‘My Reviews’ after connecting.

Social proof is a proven way to influence online connections and gain more business. 

Once connected, mobile users can refer to the 'My Reviews' section and all review data will be automatically loaded into the 'My Reviews' section where users would then have the option to preview, edit, reply, and post to their multiple social media connections.

How to Access and Post My Reviews

Step 1:  Select 'My Reviews' from main menu

My Reviews: Filters (top) for a custom view. 

Step 2: Select a review and select 'Post'

Step 3: Click on a review to preview, edit, and/or post

Step 4: After clicking 'Edit' users can click the 'pencil' icon in each section to choose from the display options. Example:

Step 5:  After customizing the display, click 'Post' to share the review. Select your social accounts and click 'Next'.

Step 6: Select to 'Post Now', 'Schedule', or 'Save as Draft'. 'Cancel' will take user back to 'post'

Reply to My Reviews

Ability to reply to reviews depends on the account. Each platform is unique and provides Optimal Blue the ability to interact and display customer reviews differently. The following is an example:


If reviews have not yet been connected, at the bottom of the reviews page a user will see the option to 'Connect My Business'.