Enrolling your Social Media Accounts in a campaign will auto post all available campaign content according to the campaign schedule.

To Access: Login into mobile app and then select 'Publisher' from main menu

Step 2: Select the 'Campaigns' section at the top

Short Video Tutorial

Use the full screen option on the bottom right to access all media controls to pause and adjust volume.


How to Enroll - Step by Step                                                                                                                                                              

Step 1: Select Publisher from the main menu to access the Publisher menu page. 

Then click on Campaigns. If there are any available campaigns a number will display to the right.

Step 2: Press the arrow to the right of any available campaign.  

Campaigns with the megaphone icon are campaigns user is already enrolled in. Users may also click the 'Enrolled' tab to view only those they are enrolled in.

Step 3: The campaign details will display, select 'Enroll' to enroll connect accounts. 

Add which accounts you wish to post to. Click Save. Any posts related to the campaign will auto-post to the enrolled accounts.

Please note: Auto-post is defaulted 'On' but if users would like to preview posts first and have the opportunity to reject a post they should select the toggle to disable auto-posting.

Post Now or Reject campaign Post

If auto post is disabled users will receive a push notification alerting them when a post related to a campaign they've enrolled in is available. The push notification will say "You have a scheduled post that requires your approval".

The notification will direct the user to the scheduled post for review with the option to 'Post Now' or 'Reject'.


Un-Enroll Accounts

Users can follow the same steps as above to click into enrolled campaigns and Remove/Add Social Media accounts to post to. 

Once all accounts are removed, the megaphone will disappear to show user is no longer enrolled with the campaign.