The content space is where users can find suggested industry related or relevant information to post from online publishers. Any RSS (Really Simple Syndication) can be added to the aggregated feed which will list all articles, blogs, etc from the added online publishers. A 'Post' button is available to post the content which can then be saved as a draft, scheduled, or posted immediately (see 'Posts' section above on this page for more details on posting).

The content is also controlled at the company level so the organization can share information from preferred online publishers.

To access click the content  menu from the main screen. 

When arriving to the Content section for the first time, if the company has already selected online publishers to be added, the content will automatically be pre-loaded. Users can then scroll through the content and click the 'Post' button to create a post and share the publication on their Social Media connections. 

Select the 'Gear' on the upper right side to Manage all RSS that are automatically pulling into the content section. Optimal Blue has conveniently pre-loaded several industry related online publishers that offer an RSS. After selecting the gear symbol, simply scroll down to 'Add' more content. Or, click the '+' symbol on the upper right side to paste and add a new RSS link.

To remove a publisher, click on any of the RSS listed at the top of the screen under 'Your RSS'.