Quick and easy way for users to update and make changes for; email, mobile number and update their password, and/or manually log out.

It's not recommended to use a business email since this account is owned by individuals, not companies but if using a business email, please keep it up to date as employment changes to ensure important email notifications are received. 

Accessing Settings and Logging Out

Step 1:     Click the gear symbol (cog) at top left of screen to access settings. 

Step 2:     User will then see the selections of 'User Settings'' or 'Log Out'.  

User Settings

   Step 1:     When user settings is selected, the options for updating email, mobile phone number, and change password are available. 

Step 2:     Once a selection is made, an edit screen is available to update the information. 

Step 3:     Select 'Save' near the top right to save any changes.