Publisher Requests 

Internal requests from the user's company users show with a red count at the top of the Social Accounts page. To navigate to this section, select the 'Social Accounts' option on the left menu from the main screen.  

Once selected, requests are listed with an 'Accept' or 'Decline' option. Clicking 'Accept' means the Account Owner has granted the ability for the user requesting publisher access to publish on the listed account. The user can then publish on the account via using the publisher tool. This would allow other users within the organization that have the Team Publish permission the ability to publish approved company marketing content on behalf of the individual account owner. 

See our help page on Publisher - Team Access to learn more.

Please note: Account owner can revoke publisher access at any tim(see below for instructions).

After 'Accept' is selected there is a confirmation. 

To add a publisher or revoke, user should click onto the Social Account from the ‘My Accounts’ section.

Selecting the Publishers name will allow the options to revoke and confirm.

Note: All publishing access is removed when the account has been disconnected or removed from the mobile app.