Ask for Reviews

For Individuals/companies that are using rating services, and collecting/measuring customer reviews. This feature allows users to extend themselves by reaching out to customers via SMS text, streamlining the customer to leave a review on the chosen social account/listing. Once the review is collected, it can be access from the 'My Reviews' section of the mobile app and shared to other connected social media accounts. 

Social proof is a proven way to influence online connections and gain more business!

For more information regarding 'My Reviews', select HERE. 

Requesting a Customer Review

Login into mobile app and then select 'My Reviews' from main menu

Step 1:     Select the 'Ask for Reviews' feature from the main menu.

Step 2:     A list of connected accounts that allow review requests will display. Tap the account and the template text will open in the preferred text/messaging app (based on user's phone settings). 

Step 3:     Once the text/messaging app is open, the message including a link to the selected account will show to be sent to any phone contacts. 

TIP: Be sure that the link is not removed, otherwise the contact will not have the direction of where to leave the review.

Changing the Template

To view or customize template tap the gear symbol.

The current verbiage will display. The template can be edited within the window, select 'Save' to update.