Social Discovery

This feature helps current employers and loan officers find accounts and web presence so account owners have the opportunity to review and update all items found. Preventing any potential regulatory issues, as well as take advantage of what may otherwise be unknown available spaces that can boost online connections and gain more business. Employers have the option to run or continually run discovery for their current employees. 

To locate the section, select the 'Social Accounts' section and 'Social Discovery' will be at the top. If there are any open items that require review, a red indicator with total number of items will show.

To claim any discovered web presence select 'Mine'. Any web presence that does not belong to the the individual should be selected as 'Not Mine'. 

Please Note: All connectable accounts (FB, TW, LI, Etc.) claimed as 'Mine', must be 'connected' to be added to the user's Social Accounts. For information on connecting accounts, click HERE. Any non connectable web presence claimed will automatically appear under the 'Web Presence' section within 'Social Accounts'.

For more information regarding individual view for users on, click HERE.