Pagination parameters are optional, with default values applied in case none specified.  

Example of use - getting contacts by company's NMLS ID: 


Thus, pagination allows to set the page number, the page size and sorting order (asc or desc).  


The default size for a page is 10 except for the following APIs: 

* Customer Contact Data API  - Get Client Contacts 

* Prospects Marketing API - Get Prospects 

These APIs have 50 as the default number of elements. 

The maximum number of elements that may be requested is 2000. If incorrect value is specified, that parameter will be ignored and the default value will be used. 


The first page has the number 0, that is the default value for all pageable APIs. Since page number and page size are used to calculate the offset, which is also an integer value, so offset=size*pageNumberThus we are safe to use page number not exceeding 1073741. 

The sorting order is ascending by default 

The response is the collection of elements. Pagination metadata is transferred in headers, for example 

"x-meta-current-page": "0", 
  "x-meta-total-elements": "7", 
  "x-meta-total-pages": "1" 

In this example we are on the first page ("x-meta-current-page": "0"), overall 7 elements are present in the system ("x-meta-total-elements": "7") and they fit on one page ("x-meta-total-pages": "1")