Registration FAQs

  • I am getting a message "Your company is already registered"
    • Answer: If you have received a message that your company is already registered, this means your company already has a registered account on Businesses are only allowed ONE profile - however, you may add as many users as needed to have access to the company profile. Each person who accesses the company profile, should have their own username and password. Contact your current Administrator and request they add you. If you believe you already have a login, please follow all login assistance instructions.

  • I can't get past the first registration screen, what should I do?
    • Answer: Please check to ensure each field has been completed and check to see if any field is highlighted in red. There could be an error in the format or missing digits. NOTE: Phone numbers should be entered as numbers ONLY, no dashes or symbols. Last, confirm the NMLS ID, email, and passwords match.

  • Getting an error "NMLS ID not found" when attempting to register
    • Answer: if the NMLS ID entered is valid but your getting this error "NMLS ID not found", it's likely due to one of the following reasons.
      • The ID must be for a company (not individual/branch). Try again with the valid Company (HQ) NMLS ID.
      • The ID is newly approved on NMLS. Once the information shows on, you will likely be able to register within 1-2 business days relies on NMLS to send the update.