How to re-link all my accounts?

If an account gets disconnected or credentials just expired, you can re-link your social accounts by following these steps:

1. Click on the dropdown menu in the upper left corner of your screen, then click Agency View

2. Click Bulk Operations, then select Re-link All Accounts

3. Click on the platforms that require re-linking, the system will redirect you to refresh those credentials 

After all accounts are green and connected, refresh your browser as well and you're all done! 

Users can also check the status of any specific account by going to their Workspace Brand Settings and Existing Accounts, then select the gear icon to the right of any account to re-sync. If the user is directed to the social platform (to log in) this means the account needs to be re-linked.

If the credentials have expired a red exclamation icon will show on the account which also means the account must be re-linked with the most recent credentials.

For more information, please visit: Why did my accounts become unlinked?