Tagging other pages on social media is a great way to increase exposure and engagement. 

To do so from within Optimal Blue's Social Cloud, follow these steps: 

Please Note: For all social channels (besides Twitter/X) you can only tag a business account - not a personal account!

When creating your caption, ensure that Platform-Specific Captions are enabled


Screen Shot 2023-06-06 at 8.46.34 AM

Type '@' followed by the handle to search for their page (e.g. @OptimalBlue)


Pro Tip: If you're having trouble finding a LinkedIn page, make sure you are typing in their exact "vanity name." If you're not sure what their vanity name is, you can find this by going to their LinkedIn page and looking at the URL! 

Select the desired page from the drop-down list, and you're good to go!


Instagram and Twitter/X tagging:
Both of these platforms do not allow the drop down list of accounts to show. To tag for these platforms, simply type the "@" symbol, and copy/paste their username after. They won't show as tagged within Social Cloud, but they will tag when posted

Linkedin tagging:
Linkedin's API doesn't allow tagging of accounts with special characters. The list of characters not allowed are as follows:
|,{,}, @ (outside of the initial @), [,],(,),<,>,#,/,*,_,~

API restrictions on tagging:
All accounts except Twitter/X- must be a business account to tag
Facebook/Instagram image tagging in Pixel Perfect Preview- must be a business account or public account to tag

Instagram location tagging:
In order to tag any location, there must be a specific IG account associated with that location. If you're having trouble tagging a location, it's most likely because there's no IG account for that location.