Enable platform specific captions to give your content a more organic feel or to adjust to each platforms caption limits and requirements.

On any piece of content, go to the Captions tab then click the List Icon to enable platform specific captions

You will now see clickable tabs for every social media platform where you can input different captions for each one. Example: see below how the caption for this content item is different on Facebook than Twitter/X.

TIP: If the textbox is empty before you click the list, each platform will start blank. If you type a caption first, then select the list, that will stick to each platform (ideal if you want most of the caption to be the same across all platforms but make minor changes)

That's it!

Viewing platform specific captions in post previews

Once your content has been created and saved, you will be able to view the post previews for each platform by clicking on the piece of content. You will see grey social icons in the upper center of the previews, click the icons to view what your post will look like on each platform.