Security Awareness: Can I get malware on my phone?

Yes. We often don’t realize a mobile device is a computer and should be protected like one. These devices are replacing personal computers at home and in the workplace for everything from web surfing to e-commerce transactions to online banking. The threat vector has increased exponentially as mobile devices are used more and more to make payments. Digital wallets and other technology allowing businesses to accept mobile payments have acted as a magnet for cybercriminals. Most recently, on August 17th, 2017, multiple Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) and content providers were subject to significant attacks from a botnet dubbed WireX that was known to be made up of 70,000 infected Android devices. Devices are believed to have been largely infected from malicious software obtained from the Google Play Store.


When using your mobile device, always consider the source of an app or game. If an app asks for more than what it needs to do its job, don’t install it. 

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