To link your Business Instagram account, Facebook requires an Instagram Business account to be linked to a Facebook page. If you have this setup, your Instagram Business Account will be available in the prompts when you connect your Facebook account. 

Click HERE for a list of steps to follow to ensure your Business Instagram and Business Facebook page are properly linked.

If you have a Business Instagram and it is linked to Facebook but you do not see your Instagram page as an option when connecting to Facebook click HERE.

Previously linked to Social Cloud but now having issues re-connecting?

Please follow the steps below carefully to reset your Meta permissions 

Navigate to, and be sure you're logged in as the personal FB account that has admin access to your Pages. Refer to the Business Integrations settings and remove our application.

Please Note: Cloud Campaign is the name of our service to maintain connected accounts.


Once you've removed the app from Meta, please go back to your Social Cloud account and go through the linking steps to link the Meta (Facebook / Instagram) account.