This article provides video tutorials and instructions for connecting/linking accounts.

Connecting Accounts

Navigate to Brand Settings by clicking the gear icon on the left-hand side. Then select the 'Add New' option to link social accounts which you have the credentials for (as described in the tutorials below). 

A 'Cloud Connect' option is also available to generate a link and invite Loan Officers (or any anyone else that would like to link their accounts) and enroll in company marketing scheduled content without the need of a login. 

Currently the platform allows linking to the following Social Networks: Facebook/Instagram, X/Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Google Business Profile, & TikTok.

If users need to post to an account we don't currently support (above), or just want to set up an alternate account to get email notifications, they can find the 'Other Platforms' option. Fill out the information required to 'Add Account'. Once done,  users have an alternate account to schedule posts for! It will show in the Linked Accounts tab the rest of your existing accounts (always be sure to have a publisher email showing there). You can schedule posts, use this as a reminder or drafts function, as well as many other uses!  

TIP: Be sure to be logged into the correct social media account before connecting. If the wrong account is linked, reach out to your system admin to have the account unlinked.

Facebook (Meta)

Please Note: For Facebook, when reaching the step to connect your business pages, only select the pages that are mortgage related to link.




If the article and tut above do not answer your question(s), please also visit Social Media Marketing Support OR, feel free to open a support ticket with our team by using the 'Contact Us' option on this help site.