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Publishing From the Calendar

Lenders subscribed to Optimal Blue's Social Cloud services can post content immediately or create schedules. Schedules allow marketing users to save time through automation, this can be done via a Weekly Schedule, for example, "Wednesday Wisdom" or via a Drip Schedule which helps recycle organic content with multiple captions. Using both of these options helps provide consistency audiences can rely on and drives traffic. For an in depth training on content creation and schedules, please visit our Creating and Scheduling Content Training Video.

Additionally, scheduling can be done from the calendar directly, by default the platform uses data and analytics as well as the type of content being posted to pin point optimal posting time.

Currently the platform allows linking to the following Social Networks: Facebook/Instagram, X/Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Google Business Profile, & TikTok.

Tip: Before scheduling content it's important to plan. Strategize by planning the frequency and consistency of various content themes and goals and the amount of content.

The Calendar is your command center for social media! Not only can you see what posts are scheduled for this month (and months in the future), you can schedule new content on the calendar. 

You have 2 options for scheduling content via the calendar view:

1. Drag and drop content from your content library to the right of the calendar
If using this method, we will automatically schedule the content for the statistically most engaging time.

2. Click anywhere on the calendar to schedule a new post

Watch the videos below for brief overviews:

Drag & Drop Scheduling and Posting Time Defaults

Calendar View

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