This article provides instructions on how to set default accounts for content going forward so users do not need to manually select their preferred accounts for every post.

How to set default accounts?

With Optimal Blue Social Cloud you can choose default accounts. Anytime you create a new post or add content to your queue, the default accounts will be selected.

To set up your default accounts, go to your Brand Settings by clicking the gear icon in the top left corner of your screen

Under the Linked Accounts tab you can select the corresponding checkmark for each account you want to set as default (checkmark will appear green). Click Save at the bottom of the list.

This quick hack could save you hours every month!

Please Note: This will update default accounts for any new posts or added content, but will not retroactively update older posts.

As new accounts are added to the workspace if users want all existing content to include those new accounts to publish to users must update all existing content to include the new accounts.

Additionally, it is important to note that content that is scheduled will not have the associated social accounts changed if the change is only made within the content library. Users must update the scheduled content on the calendar if they want to add/remove different social accounts to scheduled content.

Tip: Use the bulk operation to update the social accounts in the content library. This will ensure all future options include the appropriate social accounts but will not affect already scheduled content. 

If no action is taken: Only content created going forward will include your new default accounts. So, for example, if you typically schedule content a month in advance there may be a potential month gap where the new account(s) are not getting published to.