This article will help specifically with 403 errors when posting to Google Business Profiles as well as issues with initially connecting or linking a Google Business account.

If you're experiencing posting issues with your Google Business Profile account, you may need to check the permissions on that account. You’ll need to verify the following:

1. The GBP location is verified on Google Business Profile and there aren’t any duplicate locations in Google Business Profile. Even if the one you’ve linked is verified, a duplicate that’s not verified can affect posting on the main one.

2. The email you used to link the account is an Owner on the Google location. Go to your Business Profile Settings in Google, and go to Managers to confirm if you're a Manager or Owner.


3. Check to make sure you are able to post directly onto the GBP location outside of our platform.

If you've checked all the above and still getting an error, please contact Comergence Support.