Setting up Slack Alerts for a workspace in Optimal Blue Social Cloud

You can receive alerts for expiring credentials, post alerts, and/or post failures in your Slack channels!

Note: These are specific to each workspace, so you will need to do this for every workspace you want alerts for.

Let's start in your Slack App!

Click on Apps

Search for Incoming WebHooks and click Add

You'll now be redirected to Slack App Directory in your browser, click Add to Slack

Select or Create a New Channel to receive the alert notifications, then click Add Incoming WebHooks Integration

Copy the WebHook URL to your clipboard

Head over to your Optimal Blue Social Cloud Workspace to finish the rest of the steps!

Click the Gear Icon in the upper left to get into your Brand Settings and click on the Notifications tab

Toggle #Slack Alerts on for the alerts you want

Paste in the WebHook URL and write in the channel name

Click Save Changes

That's it! You'll now receive alerts in your Slack channel :)