Cloud Connect is a tool that lets individuals link their accounts without being users of the platform. Marketing users no longer have to retrieve passwords and login information from your Loan Officers, or other individuals that are invited to enroll in schedules content to post directly to their linked Social Accounts.

To start, log in to the correct brand workspace you are inviting the individual(s) to enroll, then click on the Brand Settings icon in the top left of your account.

This will open up the first tab titled “Linked Accounts”. Select “Cloud Connect”, then click “+ New Cloud Connect Link”

Screen Shot 2023-03-15 at 10.14.34 AM

Enter a title, then click “Create Invite”. After the Cloud Connect invite is created, you can scroll down and click on the gear icon under Controls.  This will allow you to “Copy URL” and send your individuals the link via e-mail, slack, text - whichever method works best!

Once your recipient clicks on the link, they will be able to click “Add Account” and connect their social media accounts.

After they've done this, click Link "x" Accounts at the bottom of the page and you're done! 

Screen Shot 2023-03-15 at 10.17.01 AM

Troubleshooting Tips:

  • Cloud Connect links are specific to the workspace which they were created in. Each workspace can support a recommended approx. 75 linked accounts. If the account limit has been reached, users may experience a "Failed to Load Accounts" error.
  • For Facebook and Instagram - If users experience a "You have no acct eligible to be linked" or "Hmmm it seems you're missing the authorization code from Facebook. Make sure you've authorized us to access pages you manage" error message the business page was not selected within the connection prompts and/or the required permissions were not enabled. 
    • If the user was not prompted to select the business pages please check pop-up blockers and firewalls that may be blocking Facebook.
    • The user may have accidentally clicked 'Cancel' instead of "Continue as..." when linking their Facebook account.
    • The Facebook and/or Instagram Business account may not be setup properly. For more information on ensuring your Facebook and Instagram business pages have been setup properly, please visit Steps to Properly Create and Link Business Facebook and Instagram Pages.
  • Pro Tip! Any one with access to the Cloud Connect link can see which accounts have been successfully linked by refreshing the link. This is especially helpful in the case where the account owner has completed the steps to connect, but missed the 'enrolled account' button at the bottom. To fix this issue, refresh the Cloud Connect link to confirm the account is successfully linked, and select the button on their behalf.