If you need to post to an account we don't currently support, or just want to set up an alternate account to get email notifications that include the scheduled content, here's how to do that. 

This is a great way to distribute content to individual Loan Officers without requiring they link their accounts. They can then grab the content from the push notification email and post to their social accounts on their own.


1. Navigate to the Brand Settings icon in the top left of your account. 

2. Click on "Add New" under the Linked Accounts tab, and find the "Other Platforms" option 

3. Fill out all of the information in this pop-up and click "Add Account"

Screen Shot 2023-04-04 at 11.02.47 AM

Please Note: Only one email can be entered in the pop-up. If multiple emails need to be included, create a distribution email that includes the group of recipients.

4. Now you have an alternate account to schedule posts for! It will show in your Linked Accounts tab like this (you'll always want to have a publisher email showing there)

You can schedule posts, use this as a reminder or drafts function, as well as many other uses to increase the benefit for your company through Social Cloud!