When clicking connect for Facebook and see an account already to confirm and it is not the correct account to proceed with. Example seen below. Please then check the internet browser on the phone to confirm that Facebook has been logged out. Then return back to the mobile app > Connected Account' > Facebook 'Connect' button. From there if successful, the user should then see a login screen. Similar to the example below. Then continue by logging into the correct account.

If using an iPhone, you may need to clear the cached images and cookies for the Safari. 

Step 1: Go to Settings > Safari. Scroll down and tap Clear History and Website Data, then tap Clear History and Data.

Step 2: Next go to Settings > Safari. When in the Safari Settings menu, scroll down to the bottom and tap Advanced > Website Data. Lastly, tap Remove All Website Data and then Remove Now.

Note: This clears your Safari cache on iPhone. Remember, this will get rid of website data, browsing history, and website cookies.

For more information on connecting account, please click HERE.