To connect your Instagram account to Optimal Blue's Social Media app, Facebook requires an Instagram Business account to be linked to a Facebook page. If you have this setup, your Instagram Business Account will be available in the prompts when you connect your Facebook account. 

Reconnecting steps may be required if adding Instagram after already having a connected Facebook account. Here is how to do so:

1. Once logged into the app, select the Social Account section.
2. Tap on the plus sign (+) and select the 'Connect' button next to 'Facebook'.
3. Select 'Continue As...' and proceed through the permissions
4. Last permission page should ask to confirm which accounts are mortgage related, select each account that applies and then the 'Continue' at the bottom.

Click HERE for instructions on connecting accounts.

Click HERE for a list of steps to follow to ensure your Business Instagram and Business Facebook page are properly linked.

If you have a Business Instagram and it is linked to Facebook but you do not see your Instagram page as an option when connecting to Facebook click HERE.