My Business

Users with existing Business Listings (such as Google My Business) have the ability pull in all listing details and customer reviews for easy sharing and visibility. 

For information regarding viewing, sharing, and replying to customer reviews, please click HERE.

For information on connecting other Social Media Accounts, please click HERE.

Connecting Business Accounts/Listings

           Step 1:    Login into mobile app and then select 'My Business' from main menu


Step 2:     To connect, simply click the 'Connect' button next to any available account type.

Step 3:     Once the 'Connect' button is selected the next screen will be the login page. Please proceed by entering the login credentials.

Once signed in, follow the prompts to allow the app to connect. 

The final step allows users to select the listing(s) they have access to and would like connected. After selecting, tap 'Continue'. 

View and Access Listing Details

After connecting the account(s) the account name will show in the list of connect My Business accounts, along with a plus symbol near the top right to add another account. 

When the connected account is selected, the user will see the publicly listed information. 

The 3 dots at top right, will give access to the account or cancel to go back to listing details.