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Managing Linked Accounts

Connecting Accounts

How to Set Default Accounts

How to resolve Facebook and Instagram permissions issues

How to fix permission issues with Google Business Profiles

How to Use Cloud Connect

How to Setup an Account for Email Notifications

Content Approvals

How to turn on Approval Notifications

How to Enable Approvals for Content by Default

How to Approve Content before it is Published

Content Creation

How to Create Content

How to Create Hashtag Categories for Content

How to Copy Content across Brand Workspaces

How to use CaptionAI to Create Multiple Captions

Editing a Caption vs. Adding a Caption

How to Shorten Links Being Shared

How to Recycle Content and Add Multiple Captions

How to import blog posts and/or add other online publications


Publishing from the Calendar

Posting Guide

Daily Posting Limits

How to Post Immediately to Multiple Accounts

How to resolve YouTube Posting Thumbnail error

How to create and automate a schedule


Conversion/ UTM Tracking

How to Enable Ad Analytics

How to Integrate Google Analytics

Community Insights

How to Create a Report and Share

How to Navigate and Understand Analytics

Workspace Management

How to Change the Logo for a Workspace

How to Change the time zone for a Workspace

Alerts and Notifications

How to Manage User-Specific Notifications

How to Turn Workspace Notifications On

How to Setup Slack Alerts

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